Nappy Godmother

A small company making a big change

is there a lenghty contract?

not at all, we ask you to give 2 weeks' notice to cancel the service and you get your bond back once we get our nappies back

how do I know I'm getting my nappies back?

all nappies are coded to each child so there will be no mix-ups

do I need to soak the nappies?

no, all you need to do is remove the disposable liner and place the nappy in the bucket for collection 

can I gift your service?

I can't think of a better gift for a busy new mum, contact us and we will work out the details

are there additional costs?

we provide everything you need, however there will be a small charge for any lost nappies

what if i go away?

we simply put the service on hold till you return