Nappy Godmother

A small company making a big change

We were always wanting to do cloth with our twins, but to be honest I don't think I would of been able to keep up with everything if we did. This service is a amazing and so easy. Pam is great to deal with and this makes it so easy for us to do cloth while working and hubby loves it too. Its so great to be able to get back to one bag of rubbish a week as well

I've been using nappy godmother for five months and I couldn't rate it more highly! It's wonderful doing the right thing by the environment using cloth nappies and even better not having to wash them! As a new mum, the task of having to wash nappies probably would have gone in the too hard basket. Thank you so much for this service

Great service - thanks Pam! It is reliable, a great price and takes the stress out of cloth nappies.

very good service:)

I have been using the nappy since my girl is 2 weeks old.

good for baby skin, good for environment and good for me(I don't have to go to supermarket to buy nappies and rubbish bags all the time)

so helpful.

thanks so much. your service made my new life so much easier!

A great reveiw of our cloth wipes from one of our daycares

Hey there Pam,

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic the cloth wipes are. When we first considered the idea, a few of us (including me) were a bit dubious about how they would work. After our brief trial period we soon worked out that one cloth wipe does the job of 5 (if you are lucky) disposable wipes and they were gentle on the skin. And because they go straight into the cloth nappy bin there is no ‘icky-ness’ – just clean bums! Thanks Pam. You are truly our godmother!